League Rules- 2023 Masters World Team Tennis - Mixed Doubles
4 Teams
May 5, 2023
6:30 pm
50.00 per person
1. WTT League Fee: This is a GNTC sponsored event. No league fee for GNTC Members. Non-GNTC Members are $50.
2. 4 doubles match-ups / sets per team per Friday consisted of Men's Doubles*, Ladies Doubles* and two (2) Mixed Doubles. * Home team captain has choice of sequence of sets (men's or women's).
3. No re-scheduling of league games (to another day) will be allowed for the convenience or availability of player(s).
4. In WTT the scoring is no-ad. This means a game is won by the first team to win four points (1,2,3, game). When the game score is deuce (3-3) (game point), the receiving team chooses which side is to receive the serve. In the mixed doubles set the serve must be gender to gender at game point.
5. A match consists of four no-ad sets and includes one set of men's and women's doubles, and two sets of mixed doubles. Each no-ad set is won by the first team to reach six games. A nine-point tiebreaker will be played at five games all in any set. The person who is to serve next begins the tiebreaker. Each player serves two points in succession starting from the deuce court. Players change sides after four points. The first team (or person) to score five points wins the tiebreaker. If the tiebreaker reaches 4-4, the person who served the eighth point serves the ninth (final) point. The receiver, however, has the choice of sides (except in mixed doubles, where the service must be gender-to-gender). The winner of the ninth point is the winner of the set. Note: The tiebreaker can be won by one point. The tiebreaker counts as one game in overall match scoring.
6. A (weekly) league match win will be based on total games won of the four sets. In the event of a tie in number of games won, a Mixed Doubles Supertiebreaker, counts as one game in overall match scoring, will be played to determine the winner.
7. If the match enters into a Supertiebreaker, a coin toss will decide which team serves first/receives or chooses side in the Supertiebreaker. The Supertiebreaker should be treated as a new set and substitutions are allowed. Either player on the serving team may serve first. The receiving team selects from which end of the court they want to receive. In addition, court positions may be changed (i.e. the person who played fore hand position may switch with his/her partner to play the backhand position). Each player serves two points in succession starting from the deuce court. Players change sides after six points. The first team to score seven points wins the Supertiebreaker. If the Supertiebreaker reaches 6-6, the person who served the 12th point will serve the 13th (final) point. Since this set is mixed doubles, the final serve will be gender-to-gender. The winner of the 13th point wins the Supertiebreaker and the match. Note: The Supertiebreaker can be won by one point. The Supertiebreaker counts as one game in overall match scoring.
8. Overtime is a continuation of the fourth set. Team number four should be designated as the strongest mixed doubles team. Once you have come out of the mixed doubles set, you cannot return in Overtime. The first person to serve in Overtime is the person who was next to serve at the end of the sixth set. This Overtime rule gives the trailing team a chance to make a comeback. It also emphasizes the importance of the mixed doubles set.
9. After every four games players change ends. In the nine-point tiebreaker, change ends only after the first four points. In the Supertiebreaker, change ends only after the first six points.
10. The home team serves first in all doubles sets. Note: Since the serving order is predetermined, the receiving team selects from which end of the court they want to receive.
11. Coaching is allowed throughout the match as long as it does not interfere with continuous play. Coaching is not allowed between first and second serves as the second serve must be struck without delay. Only one member of the team is permitted to go out on the court to coach and the coaching must be completed within the twenty (20) second time limit allotted between points. We encourage team members to stand along the court and support their team. Coaches and non-participating players must remain in a designated “player’s bench” area until the completion of each point. WTT Staff or the Local League Director will determine the “player’s bench” area for the facility/courts. Only the four players (doubles and mixed doubles) can make the line calls. Team members along or near the court cannot make line calls or call footfaults.
12. A team can at any point, INCLUDING THE SUPERTIEBREAKER, substitute a player (same gender) into a set for any reason. Once a player is replaced, he/she cannot return in that set and players cannot play in both mixed doubles. If a substitution occurs in doubles, the remaining player cannot change the side on which he/she receives or the service order. Captain may substitute one player, per match, per gender at the conclusion of a point. If a player is substituted for, he/she may not return to the match in that same set.Substitutions are allowed in Overtime if a player has not already played in mixed doubles. The Supertiebreaker should be treated as a new set, and all substitutions are allowed.
13. Play-Off Matches will be optional.
14. Team standings will be based on match wins and losses. In the event of tie in wins and losses, the 1st tie breaker will be percentage (%) of sets won during the round robin or season. If by some rare chance this is still a tie, percentage (%) of games won during the round robin or season will be the 2nd tie breaker for the standing.
15. Team captains must submit starting line-up via GNTF web site before the start of each set. Each team captain has until the end of the five minute break between sets to submit starting line-up for the next set.
16. Team Roster is limited to 10 players only. In addition to the 10 players roster, each Team may include one (1) non-playing Captain. As needed, player(s) will be allowed to play twice on a match night.
17. Warm up is limited to 5 minutes including practice serves. Home team Captain shall be responsible for time keeping.
18. The 5-minute default rule is in effect for all scheduled matches. Defaults may only be called if a court is available and one team is ready for play.
19. First game set is at 6:30pm, with 5 minutes warm-up.
20. Second set shall start no earlier than 7:15pm, with 5 minutes warm-up.
21. Third set shall start no earlier than 8:00pm, with 5 minutes warm-up.
22. Fourth set shall start no earlier than 8:45pm, with 5 minutes warm-up.
23. If the home or away team player does not show up on time for his/her match, there will be a 5 minute default time should a substitute player not be available. If a set is defaulted, the score should be recorded as 6-0 in favor of the players present. The default rule will not apply when the missing player is on court playing a previous match. If a player retires during a set and cannot be substituted, the score will be recorded with the games played standing with the opposing team receiving six games.
24. If the home or away team does not show up on time for the match, there will be a 15 minute default time. If a match is defaulted, the match score should be recorded as 24-0 in favor of the team present.
25. Scores must be entered within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match by the Home Team Captain. Captain, or his authorized representative, must digitally sign the score sheet on GNTF.org within 24 hours of the end of the match to acknowledge the match scores. Failure to digitally sign the scoresheet may not receive any scores for the matches, which will affect team W-L record thus league standing.
26. In the event of rain during a match, completed individual game sets will stand as played. Incomplete game sets must be resumed by the same players at the exact game and point as they stood when play was halted. Each captain, or his designated representative, must agree and enter rain delayed match scores on GNTF.org as soon as possible. Once rain delay status has been determined, both teams will have one (1) opportunity by 10 pm of the following day to change player lineup(s) of the game set(s) that have yet to start.
27. Captains should make any and all efforts to ensure that make-up games are played prior to next game day. However, all make-up games must be completed before the final match date. If make-up games are to be played at the Guam National Tennis Center (GNTC), regular reservation procedure of court and associated fee shall apply.
28. Match balls shall be provided by the league teams.
29. Any dispute will be decided by the Captains' votes.
30. If a court designated for the league is free during league nights, league players may use it for warm-up but shall be limited to no longer than 10 minutes to allow others league players the opportunities to warm up. If and when GNTC member(s) who reserved the specific court arrives, league members must vacate the court immediately.
31. Please be mindful and observe Guam Sports Complex and GNTC's no parking zones.
updated as of May 05, 2023