Please select ladder from below
1. Open to all members of GNTF. A specific user access to web site will be provided. The challenger user access will be required to initiate a challenge.
2. Players/Doubles will be placed randomly on to the ladder regardless of level of competitiveness.
3. Any new players/doubles who add after the registration period will be added to the bottom of the ladder.
4. After challenging another player/team who accepts, both players/teams must agree to a time that works best for both. The challenger should propose a location and 2 separate times for the match. The time and location must be mutually agreeable with both players/teams. If no mutually agreeable time can be reached, the match status will be changed to "declined".
5. All participants, at minimum, must be available to play challenge matches from 6pm to 10pm on weeknights and/or 8am to 10pm on weekends.
6. The challenger of the match is responsible for arranging or reserving the tennis court.
7. The challenger will be responsible for all court fees, if required. For example, if the match is to be played at Hilton courts, the challenger shall be responsible for the guest court fees of non-member(s).
8. The challenger must provide new balls for the match.
9. The winner of the match must report/enter the results of the match on web site as soon as possible to allow additional challenges.
10. In an event that no score has been entered in 5 days, match will be cancelled and the positions remain the same.
11. You may only challenge within the five (5) positions above you on the ladder.
12. You cannot challenge another player/double until your previous challenge match is complete unless the previous challenge is declined or is forfeited.
13. You may play as many matches as you want per week or within any 7-day period. All players must play once a week minimum.
14. You are only required to accept one challenge per week or with in a 7-day period. (Note: Not Applicable to the National Team Match Play 5.0 Ladder)
15. A challenge must be accepted within 2 days and played within 5 days with game results entered on web site before midnight of the 5th day from the challenge date, otherwise a forfeit will be invoked.
16. If the challenged player/team fails to respond to a challenge within 2 days of the Challenged made, the ladder program will evoke a forfeit. If the challenged player/team is unable meet the conditions of Rule 5, the challenged player/team will lose by forfeit (to be entered online by the Challenger).
17. Any player/doubles under challenge cannot accept a second challenge until the first challenge is played.
18. U.S.T.A rules will be followed. Matches will be based on best 2 out of 3 sets, with or without advantage scoring, with third set as 12-Point or 18-Point Match Tiebreak (Super Tiebreak). Teams/players shall decide on advantage scoring and which Tiebreak will be use for the 3rd set prior to start of the match. Other match formats such as Pro Sets or Fast 4s are allowable provided all players agreed in advance.
19. 12-Points Tie-Breaker. In doubles, the first server shall serve one point from the right (deuce) side. The second server shall serve two points, starting from the left (ad) side and ending on the right side. The third server shall serve two points, starting on the left and ending on the right side. The fourth server shall serve one point from the left side and then players change ends of the courts. The fourth server shall then serve one point from the right side. Play continues in such a manner until one team wins at least seven points with a two point margin. Teams change ends of the court every six (6) points. In a 18-Point Match tiebreak (Super Tiebreak), the tie-break winner is the first player to reach ten points provided there is a margin of two points. If there is not a margin of two points, play continues until a two point margin is reached.
20. If the challenger is the winner, the challenger will take the loser's position on the ranking list. The loser will drop down one position on the ranking list. This forces everyone in between the players/doubles to move down one spot. For example, if player/double #5 challenges player/double #3 and wins, then player/double #5 takes the #3 position, player/double #3 will move down to the #4 position and player/double #4 be bumped to the #5 position.
21. In the event of a forfeit by the challenged player/team (with a higher position on the ranking list), the challenged player/team will move one spot below the challenger (with the lower position on the ranking list). This forces everyone in between the players/doubles to move up one spot.
22. If a player/doubles have not accepted a challenge within the week/7-day period, the player/doubles will be allowed one courtesy decline. After which, the player/doubles will be moved down one spot with all future declines within the week or a 7-day period.
23. If the challenger is not the winner, the positions remain the same.
24. Once a match has been completed, the loser does not have a right to re-challenge the winner until a time of at least one week (7 days) has elapsed.
25. If there are any disputes to scores reported, please contact GNTF as soon as possible.
26. All disputes will be resolved by GNTF.
updated as of December 11, 2018